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A little less conversation, a little more action took place at the tenth Atlassian Summit

Following the close of the tenth Atlassian Summit user conference, we've produced a summary of the most exciting product announcements that will leave you blowing in the wind!

Crazy Little Thing Called Data Center

  • Amazon Aurora Support - AWS’s MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible database will be supported for DC products; 5x the speed of standard MySQL databases, and 3x faster than standard PostgreSQL databases. Scalable and fault-tolerant, Aurora is a fully managed Amazon Relational Database service, condensing time-consuming admin tasks such as patching, backups and database setup.

  • CDN Support - Atlassian are enabling content delivery network support for distributed teams for instance AWS CloudFront, paving the way for faster performance for remote users when interacting with the UI of products — reducing the load on application instances.

  • Smart Mirror Farms - Local mirrors of upstream Bitbucket repositories. Mirrors improve Git clone time for distributed teams significantly. For enterprise Bitbucket customers, Smart Mirror Farms cluster several mirrors into “farms” behind a load balancer, enhancing performance for intensive CI/CD requirements.

  • Rate limiting for REST APIs - Initially intended for Bitbucket, but expanding over to all DC products, Atlassian are introducing rate limiting for API calls for the Bitbucket, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk Data Center products.

  • Issue Archiving - Allows customers to archive individual issues or groups of issues by use of JQL queries as a bulk operation  API coming soon.

  • Recommendations for Hardware configuration - Making the most out of DC products can be a challenge; Atlassian started more prescriptive guidance over the past year — node sizing, performance testing frameworks and more; hardware configurations will soon be added to that list.

  • Data Center, AWS and Azure Templates Updated - All AWS and Azure templates have been updated, making them easier to customise and manage.

  • Visibility over centralised license permissions

All Shook Up On Server

Following the recently delivered platform releases, the server range of products had a series of announcements... whoops there goes a smile!

  • Jira Service Desk 4.0

  • Confluence 7.0

  • Bitbucket 6.0

  • Jira Software 8.0

  • Portfolio for Jira 3.0

Highlights of which include...

 Portfolio for Jira 3.0
  • Intuitive planning UI

  • Improved functionality of drag and drop scheduling

  • New filtering options and view settings

  • Enhance dependency management capabilities

Jira 8.0

  • 31% faster JQL searches

  • Agile boards with 2x faster loading time

  • Re-Index 71% faster (index size cut in half)

Bitbucket 6.0

  • Code Insights insert information from third-party systems directly into the pull request UI, therefore decreasing context switching for developers while keeping them in the flow. For instance, CI/CD results, code-coverage reports, security checking products, such as our partner Sonatype, can be displayed next to a pull request. This allows reviewers to make informed decisions before accepting.


JiraAlign (Formerly AgileCraft)  it ain't nothin' but a name change

Jira Align-blue-rgb@2x




Following the recent announcement of Atlassian acquiring AgileCraft, it was revealed at Summit that it will be renamed JiraAlign.

Why? To reflect the benefits of the product which work to support teams to align themselves with organisational goals at scale.

Hundreds of programmes and teams can make work visible with a common set of goals and budget in a single unified view across: Jira, Jira Service Desk and Trello.

Each story, epic and issue comes back to the "why", making it easier for teams to understand the context of work.

Coordinating work across teams at scale can be very complex. JiraAlign’s program board makes scope changes, current priorities and goals visible in real time to all teams. Priorities and dependencies across an organisation are made visible. Work activity results can also be measured against OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) — all linked to teams within Jira.


I Can't Help Falling in Love with Integrations and Apps

  • Design, Marketing and Analytics

  • Productivity and Communication

  • Identity and Security

  • DevOps

  • Asset Tracking

  • Support

April 16, 2019
Mehrnaz Karimi
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