The migration of incident tickets from Jira Ops into a new Jira Software project

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The closure of the Jira Ops early access program sees a migration of incident tickets from Jira Ops to a new Jira Software project.

Why? The intention of this is to enable continued access to incident data after the product officially concludes on June 10th of this year.

Atlassian have taken many of the ideas pioneered in Jira Ops — a unified timeline, standardised postmortems and chat integration, and brought them into Opsgenie. Opsgenie has also been revamped to not only work like other Atlassian products but to look and feel more like them too.

The migration process can begin at any time chosen by the administrator, and is predicted to take less than a minute for most evaluators, according to Atlassian.

Key dates for the diary

diary-girl-hand-261735April 10th 2019 - Atlassian announce Jira Ops will no longer be available for new signups or projects. Migration to Jira Software Cloud is made available for Jira Ops project admins to migrate at a time suited to them.

June 17th 2019 - Jira Ops will be deactivated for all evaluators. Another active Jira Cloud product must be obtained to enable access to migrated Jira Ops data after this date. Atlassian have made the commitment to automatically migrate all remaining Ops projects to corresponding Jira Software Cloud projects.

Why is Atlassian encouraging users to migrate incidents to Jira Software instead of Opsgenie?


The simple answer is that Opsgenie is a different product with a number of capabilities, therefore an automated migration would see the loss or change of much of the incident data and how it is accessed. Jira Software however, provides near to 100% data compatibility, keeping previous incident data for posterity after Jira Ops ceases.

Atlassian recommend tracking future incidents with Opsgenie, because many of the incident management capabilities of Jira Ops can be offered by Opsgenie, including that of a bi-directional sync with Jira Software. This keeps alerts or incidents in sync with Jira tickets.

Data to be automatically migrated and data not to be automatically migrated

Your incident project will be converted into a Jira Software project with the same issue configuration and workflow. Incident issues are set to remain as an “incident” issue type, with timeline updates converted into comments. Any third party integration data, such as that of a linked Slack channel, will be posted as a comment for user reference.

Atlassian note the two biggest changes being, the hidden timeline updates (which will no longer be hidden following the migration), and the integration links/data as static comments instead of links or panels with live information. In some cases, Jira Ops was only storing an ID to the external system rather than a link to the complete entity, therefore this ID only, will be available in such cases.

What about integrations with Opsgenie?

Opsgenie has a comprehensive integration with Slack, and Atlassian are actively improving Statuspage integration. Opsgenie has over 200+ integrations with various monitoring, collaboration, ticketing, and automation tools.

Did you know?

Clearvision saw the potential of Opsgenie a long time ago and have been using it for years. Atlassian's acquisition of the platform excites us, as it brings awareness and enables us to provide our expertise to users. Read about our relationship with Opsgenie in this blog post. A webinar featuring Chief Revenue Officer Paul Renshaw, IT Services and Operations Manager Jake Churcher, and Chief Technology Officer Matt Muschol will be coming very soon! This is not to be missed, as they're joined by Atlassian Enterprise Advocate Tolga Özgentürk, and Atlassian Opsgenie Solutions Engineer Mert Ünsal, discussing all things Opsgenie!



May 03, 2019
Mehrnaz Karimi
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