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How to visualize your business processes in JIRA 7

Business teams adopting JIRA 7 can learn a lot from the developers who have gotten so much out of it, especially when it comes to visual

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DevOps Architecture: Moving from a traditional ops environment

Considering taking a DevOps approach to your product development? In this post, we take a look at DevOps architecture and how the realignment of

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Bitbucket Server vs. GitHub Enterprise

We put two enterprise-level Git heavyweights to the test in Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash) vs. GitHub Enterprise, to help you decide which

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Confluence Best Practice: 10 Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Confluence Environment

At the recent Atlassian User Group meetup in NYC, Clearvision’s own Ryan Haney gave a talk on Confluence best practice and how to maintain a

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JIRA Software or JIRA Core? 4 questions to help you decide

How do you decide if JIRA Software or JIRA Core is the right option for your teams? In this post, we take a look at the differences between the

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5 Best Practice Tips For JIRA Admins

These 5 key points will help you, dear JIRA Admin, whilst you jostle with JIRA in your own work environments. Read our free blog here.

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Why Story Points are a measure of complexity, not effort

In this post, Clearvision Development Expert Rob Giddings explores the differences between effort and complexity when it comes to measures of

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Git Vs Perforce Helix – What’s The Difference?

When it comes to version control systems, there's no shortage of choices. Among them is, of course, Git, a free, open-source solution that's

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What to do when you commit to the wrong Git branch

What do you do when you commit to the wrong Git branch? Undo and commit to new branch, or move commits to the other branch? In this post, learn

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8 Steps to Software Release Management for Agile Teams


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4 Ways to Approach Incident Management and Improve Mean Time to Resolution

Effective incident management within ITSM is essential when it comes to keeping your customers happy. How do you approach incident management to

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We Tried Out The Atlassian Team Playbook. Here’s How It Went

Collaboration expert Nigel Budd of Clearvision recently tried out Atlassian's Team Playbook. Read on to see how well it worked.

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