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Just when you thought Jira couldn't get any better...

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...Clearvision partnered with Mavenlink!

Alone we can do a lot...

For professional and marketing services organisations, modern software platform Mavenlink is the only solution, helping businesses establish an operational system of records to facilitate the business lifecycle — resource management, project management, collaboration, project accounting and business intelligence.

Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Clearvision, provide business solutions through consultancy, technical implementation, hosting, training, mentoring and support packages for the entire Atlassian stack. Having helped customers ranging from multinational enterprises to start-ups, government departments, retailers, software companies and more, Clearvision are proud to have helped so many teams reach their full potential.

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Together we can do a lot more...

Together, Clearvision and Mavenlink provide customers with the expertise and capabilities required to drive improved business visibility and management across the entire agile development lifecycle. Clearvision and Mavenlink can aid customers who’re utilising Jira and other leading solutions, by helping them gain more proficiency and supporting their agile methodology. Customers can establish a complete operational system for their transformation efforts by gaining granular transparency into the financial components of software development, inclusive of costs, utilisation rates and budget.

The partnership can also provide:

  • The improvement of forecasting
  • Planning of resourcing needs
  • Visibility into the health of software projects — up to portfolio level
  • The management of Agile and Waterfall projects, via a single integrated solution for true bi-modal project portfolio management (PPM)

Gerry T


Clearvision CEO Gerald Tombs says, “Clearvision and Mavenlink share a common goal of helping customers to reach their full potential. The combination of our expertise combined with Mavenlink’s leading project and resource management platform, makes this partnership a collaboration uniquely positioned to bring digital transformations to life. We look forward to working alongside Mavenlink to help customers realise their operational ceilings.”



Ray Grainger_Mavenlink 

CEO of Mavenlink Ray Grainger joined Gerald in saying, “The current service level economy requires companies to be increasingly nimble in their pursuit of business goals and client support. Clearvision has recognized a market need for a solution that can supplement the agile development capabilities of Jira with strong portfolio, financial, and resource management capabilities. This partnership brings together deep expertise in Jira deployment and optimisation, with a robust technology solution, enabling customers to elevate business performance and meet dynamic demands.” 



Clearvision support digital transformations by providing consultancy, training, support, and hosting for Jira, as well as a wide array of industry-leading solutions. Mavenlink empowers joint customers to see the full potential of their digitisation efforts, through the solving of problems in portfolio management, resource management and financial management.

This is a very exciting time for customers of both Mavenlink and Clearvision, with a lot of new projects expected to take place.


You can find out more about the Clearvision and Mavenlink partnership in our exclusive video interview with Ray Grainger and Gerald Tombs, COMING SOON!

April 03, 2019
Mehrnaz Karimi
Mehrnaz Karimi

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