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Clearvision's own Jamie Arthur, donates bonus money to charity

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For many a bonus means a holiday, but not for this Enterprise Account Manager at Clearvision, who decided to donate his money to charity.

On Wednesday 6th March 2019, Enterprise Account Manager Jamie Arthur, made the generous decision to donate some of his incentive money to Wildern Opportunity Group and preschool.

After being on a roll, Clearvision offered Jamie an incentive to reward him for his efforts. He decided to give that money away to a good cause.

Wildern Opportunity Group and preschool, is a well established early year’s childcare provision, situated in the centre of Hedge End Village. They provide an excellent learning environment for children aged two to five years.

Their highly trained staff, take pride in meeting the needs of every individual child who comes to them.


And this isn't the first time...

Jamie appears to be making a habit out of donating money where possible, and recently contributed to a children's football team, after they began raising funds for new football kits and equipment.

Jamie's generosity, is but an example of the values held here at Clearvision.



March 07, 2019
Mehrnaz Karimi
Mehrnaz Karimi

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