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7 Fun GitHub Projects to Make You Smile

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We love Git, and we love when developers have fun. Here are a few of our favourite projects.

Git is a big deal.

From small beginnings to being named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Tech Companies and featured in MIT Technology Review’s list of the Top 50 Smartest Companies, GitHub in particular has played a huge part in Git’s rise to fame.

At Clearvision, we’ve long been big fans of Git, and it’s been great to see it grow. Our Git training courses are now some of our most popular.

But we think it’s important to remember that one of the stand out features of Git is its open source status – it’s there for anybody to use, not just big names with serious projects. GitHub is a showcase (arguably your new CV), and it’s an impressive display of the vast amount of talent and creativity out there.

The talent, the creativity, and, well – let’s face it, the silliness, too.

With that in mind, we’ve collected the top 7 GitHub projects making us laugh today. We hope they’ll make you smile!



The legendary Steve Wozniak continues to bring joy to us all with this Chrome extension. Forget airbrushing – activate Googlifier and every image in your browser will be improved by a pair of googly eyes!

Get it from the Chrome App Store.


We all know how important analytics are when it comes to internet success. We also all know how important cats are to the internet. Now you can combine both!

Catalytics replaces the people on the Google Analytics page with “surly looking cats”. What better way to inspire your efforts to boost traffic?

Get it from the Chrome App Store.


Yes, it’s silly. Yes, it’s immature. But we all need a good giggle every now and then, and an extension that changes every mention of “the cloud” to “my butt” does the job nicely.

Download it for Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari via GitHub.

Millennials Begone

Tired of all the articles out there fretting over “millennials”? It’s okay. We all are.

Much in the same way Cloud-to-Butt works, this extension replaces any mention of “millennials” to “pesky whipper-snappers”, which is much more fitting and what we know the writers were really thinking.

Get it from the Chrome App Store.

Autocomplete Me


The internet can be a strange place, and people search for strange things. When Chrome is idle, Autocomplete Me will open a new tab and start typing random searches into Google, giving you a glance into the mind of the web through autocomplete’s suggestions.

Get it from the Chrome App Store.


Original headline: “You Won’t Believe What This Reporter Asked The Tennis Player Who Had The Game Of Her Life”

Love them, hate them, compulsively click them even though you’re not remotely interested… Clickbait headlines are everywhere, and they never live up to the hype. Downworthy brings them back down to earth.

Get it from the Chrome App Store.

Hey Girl

Hey girl, wouldn’t the internet be better if you could replace every image on a site with one of Ryan Gosling with the click of a button?

Hey girl, now you can.

Get it from the Chrome App Store.

Feeling inspired? The beauty of Git means you can contribute to any of the above projects. Alternatively, develop your own! You can find a Chrome extension skeleton here and details on creating Firefox extensions here.

For more on Git, check out our comprehensive guide to doing Git your way.



June 02, 2018
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