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A Company Is But A Product Of Its Service Desk, How It Is Set Up, It Becomes.

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“A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” - Gandhi


While Gandhi's words of wisdom are agreed upon by many, the reality is that thoughts are but one matter involved in the makings of man.

There are a number of surrounding influences in a person's life e.g. the people around them, culture, education, environment, etc. And while all of these are important, some are deemed more impactful than others.

For example, a person's environment has been largely disputed as being one of the biggest contributing factors toward one's development into adulthood.

All this talk about surrounding influences, made me question how aspects such as culture, can have an impact on other parts of our lives.


Take a business, for example.

The foundations laid in the outset, can impact how a business is shaped in the future.

Don't Panic!

Just as contributing factors (although important), do not ultimately define us as human beings, the same goes for your business, and like anything, there's always room for improvement, nothing is "set in stone" so to speak.

I'm going to use a company's Service Desk as a starting point, because its purpose is to ensure users receive appropriate assistance in a timely fashion. An undeniably important aspect of any organisation.

Let's Talk Service Desk

From our many years of experience, we've noticed that a lot of organisations have been using ServiceNow as an ITSM/Service Desk solution, yet interestingly a lot of these businesses are coming to us and asking what it is that we can do for them. This is because JSD can often plug smaller and nicher gaps off the shelf, that ServiceNow simply cannot - (applies to businesses of all sizes). Hence the need for a comparison blog between the two.

Having the right ITSM solution to match requirements to functionality, is just as important as having the right setup in place.


Let me just emphasise the fact that an ITSM tool is the icing on the cake, it is NOT the magic answer to solve underlying issues within a company. If the issue is a matter of under-performance, the problem is not going to be solved by putting another tool in place.

The first step in implementing an ITSM solution, requires the review of the need for a Service Desk in the first place. This is because it can take up-to a whole year to implement an ITSM tool correctly, and it can also be very expensive, especially when consultants are involved.

Jira Service Desk (JSD), has matured rapidly over the years, particularly over the last eighteen months, and its configuration management, means it can be complex or simple through the use of plugins and add-ons, depending on its usage within an organisation.

The future of your Service desk, depends on how you configure it in the present.

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” - Gandhi

Whether You’re A Seasoned User, Or You’re Considering Purchasing, Clearvision Can Help.

Unsurprisingly, Jira Service Desk straddles the ITSM environment, and is now recognised as a solution by the wider community.

Clearvision delivers JSD following ITIL/VERISM, and is often more flexible and agile than its competitors. It’s no surprise businesses of all sizes have been coming to us for our services.

We provide end-to-end solutions from discovery to proof of concept, evaluation and acceptance testing, including non-traditional ITSM Service Desks such as HR, Legal and facilities with customisation to training and more.

Starting with the discovery phase, Clearvision assesses your setup (operational), and ensures that the tool is right for you before going any further. Quite often, we find that an ITSM tool is not actually the problem, it’s the people and practices using them that are the issue.

Clearvision can provide health-checks for seasoned users, and supply resources where needed. For users in the consideration-phase, Clearvision will provide honest feedback to prove if it will work for you.

While it is crucial to have the right ITSM solution to match requirements to functionality, it is imperative to have the right setup in place to make the most of this.

Keep it simple, select a solution tailored to your company.

Gandhi quote

Happiness is when your customers notice a difference, with Clearvision service desk solutions.

Click here for more information our our ITSM offerings.

Attending Atlassian Summit in Vegas this year? We'll see you there! Come over to stand 719 for a chat about how we can help to enhance the future of your business.

Find out how Clearvision can support your business.


March 15, 2019
Mehrnaz Karimi
Mehrnaz Karimi

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