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Attacks On GitHub & GitLab Repos Highlight The Importance Of Cybersecurity

After recent attacks, many of us in the software industry are reminded of the importance of cybersecurity.According to reports, hackers wiped code

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Git Down With Version Control Systems

The main asset to using a version control system is in keeping the workflows of team members coordinated as they work through various releases.

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A long time ago in the Atlassian ecosystem...

The Cloud they were using was not private, it was limited, unmanaged, and worst of all, their teams were not free.

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Atlassian News: Data Center products put into containers by Praqma

The news comes after it was announced that Praqma is launching Atlassian Software in a new solution which allows enterprises to run and manage as

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DevSecOps Decoded

Discussions around DevOps are so vast, there have been a number of loosely related terms used to try and explain it, the more to-the-point being

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Agile and Waterfall Methodologies

Many were increasingly of the opinion that agile was the way to go. According to a CA Technologies sponsored survey, companies who've

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AWS Summit: Connect, collaborate and learn

The immersive one-day event took place in London on 8th May 2019, offering global keynote announcements, networking, multiple breakout sessions on

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What a week of yoga did for me in the workplace

In the almost-year I've worked for Clearvision I've enjoyed an array of activities from charity days with the Blue Cross to monthly lunches, team

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The migration of incident tickets from Jira Ops into a new Jira Software project

Why? The intention of this is to enable continued access to incident data after the product officially concludes on June 10th of this year.

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How to avoid future Confluence vulnerabilities

First things first

It’s important to note that customers who’ve upgraded to Confluence Server or Data Center versions 6.6.12, 6.12.3, 6.13.3,

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What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay there

Following the close of the tenth Atlassian Summit user conference, we've produced a summary of the most exciting product announcements that will

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Confluence Reimagined

Confluence has been gaining traction as a content collaboration tool for technical and non-technical teams everywhere. With the ever-increasing

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